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Watch this video as I actually accurately predict numbers to come up on the roulette wheel. This number prediction betting system is incredibly easy to use, and requires nothing more then a printout of a roulette wheel. You don't have to make complicated calculations. You don't even need a pen


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It's not too complicated to use my betting system, although you will want to practice for at least a few days. I would recommend practicing it for a week or two, before starting in with real cash.
Now let me talk about what you need in order for this betting system to work for you!
-You will need an initial bankroll of $3,000 dollars.
-You will need to study the training videos, and practice for 1-2 Weeks
-You will need a working online account at the DublinBet Casino
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Don't worry, you probably won't need to practice more then 2 weeks before you are ready to use real cash!
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You don't have to be a genius to use my genius betting system.
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100 minutes of Video Training
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q: How large of a bankroll do I need to safely bet with Roulette Magic?
A: You should start with $3,000 Dollars. But it probably won't take you $3,000 dollars to win your first $3,000 dollar pot, trust me!
Q: Is it easy to learn how to predict numbers?
A: It is incredibly easy to predict numbers. You will be able to predict numbers your very first night with my book. And In three days of practice, you can be earning big profits with real cash. (I recommend practicing at least a week or two before using real cash)
Q: How well can I predict numbers?
A: I can predict numbers very well. As soon as I discovered this number prediction method, I was predicting numbers left and right with little effort.
Q: Would you log onto my account, and gamble me to riches?
A: If you have a high enough bankroll, with money that you are willing to lose then I would, but I would rather just teach you how.
Q: Does the betting system work with any casino?
A: The betting system works on a live dealer, but does not work with all casinos. If you can play at the dublinbet casino, the betting system will work.
Comment: Although Roulette Magic is specifically designed for the DublinBet Casino,
this product will help you be profitable at any casino, by understanding the dynamics of predicting numbers.
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